Security. Liquidity. Return.

Learn how we expertly manage our clients' idle business funds in ultra-safe government-backed securities for maximum security, liquidity, and yield.

"It's important to have a trusted financial partner that can navigate the banking system on your behalf. Treasure has done just that for us by insuring that our idle cash is safe and earning significant return."

Kareem Barghouti CEO, Pragma Bio

"Like any business owner, we are strategic when it comes to our runway and want to optimize for liquidity while minimizing risks. Treasure has an excellent platform and a great service team that helps us with just that! They brought in a very clear value and had a secure, streamlined onboarding process. Highly recommend Treasure to other organizations."

Srikrishnan Ganesan CEO, Rocketlane

"We are making an extra six figures a year with Treasure versus our previous cash management partner. Treasure is a no-brainer decision for any company that wants to earn more on their cash reserves and minimize risk."

Daniel Jacker CEO, ZaiNar

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