Convert hot leads into qualified live video calls. In seconds.

Cuda qualifies, routes, and connects B2B leads to the right reps at the right time via instant video calls. Build trust and close deals, faster.

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Why should you use Cuda?

Increase pipeline with more quality calls.

High-intent leads want to talk to a real person ASAP. The option to “talk now” via high-fidelity video drives higher conversion.

Engage at the moment of highest buying intent

Time kills all deals. Don't force a lead to wait days for a scheduled call. Talk to them right now!

Reduce garbage calls & wasteful no-shows

Instant routing and qualification filters out bad calls. And a quick 5 minute call right now, frees up that 30 minute slot tomorrow.

Instant video calls accelerate your sales cycle.

Break free from a slow cycle of waiting for scheduled meetings. If someone is interested in your product, talk to them right when they are most interested.

See the difference

A super quick intro call. 5-10 min max.

50% of sales go to the first company to talk to a prospect. Being first matters.

How does Cuda work?

Buyers talk to you in seconds, not days

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For Inbound Sales

Convert instant video calls from your website

Let high-intent leads instantly start calls from your existing 'Book a Demo' form or from our customizable embedded CTA form.

Instant qualification & lead routing
Set up highly-customizable rules to route leads to the right call queues and calendars.
Calendar fallback.
If no one is available, Cuda automatically prompts leads to find time on your calendar.
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For Outbound Sales

Share a link, and jump on a call instantly

Give high-intent prospects the power to respond to your message with a call instead of a delayed calendar invite.

Start a call now (or later).
If you're available, let outreach targets talk to you right now or schedule a call for later.
Customizable booking page.
Direct prospects to a page that fits your brand.
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Designed to be loved by both reps & leaders

You decide when you’re available.

If no-one is currently available, the visitor can book time on your calendar using the scheduling provider of your choice, without ever leaving the page.

You decide who you want to talk to

Easily set up routing rules to instantly qualify and route leads to different Instant Video queues, calendars, and to filter out poor quality leads.


Up and running in less than 15 minutes.


Doesn’t need complicated training to get your SDRs on board.


More closed deals = happy sales team

Integrates with your your existing sales stack

ZoomSlackGoogle CalendarCalendlySalesforceHubSpot

Features for high-performance sales teams

Customizable meeting capture pages

An out-of-the-box, fully brandable experience to funnel leads into sales calls

Analytics & reporting

Understand performance of instant calls and calendar booking conversion

Capture form submissions (even partial ones!)

If someone abandons the page without submitting the form, we capture the data for you to follow up

Advanced routing logic

Instantly qualify and route leads to the right reps & calendars, every time

Calendar booking fallback

If no one is available, Cuda automatically prompts leads to find a time on your calendar using the scheduler of your choice

Send leads directly to your CRM

Automatically create new contacts & companies from form submissions, to save data entry time

Once you experience an instant video call, you can't go back.

For real. Getting connected to a real human, instantly, is a magical experience in today's competitive landscape. Treat your VIP leads like VIPs.

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Simple pricing. Unlimited calls & meetings.

Save 33%!

Cuda Professional


+ $50 monthly platform fee

    All plans include:

  • Unlimited meetings
  • Unlimited call queues
  • Unlimited meeting-capture pages
  • Advanced lead routing
  • Hubspot CRM integration
  • Custom branding / theming

Cuda Enterprise

    All professional features, plus:

  • Unlimited seats
  • Activity / audit logs
  • Advanced Analytics / Reporting API
  • Custom feature development
  • Dedicated implementation period
  • 12 hour SLA, Slack connect workspace

Got questions?
We have answers

What if I'm too busy to take calls?

I’m worried that too many unqualified leads will come to the site and waste my time.

My product is complex and hard to sell without preparation.

Does Cuda work for teams?

What if my calendar is already full of sales calls?

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See how Cuda can help you drive more sales.

Engaging high-intent leads as fast as possible is a no brainer. Let’s talk and find out how Cuda can best help your sales team.

A super quick intro call. 5-10 min max.