Book more meetings with personalized sales pages for your outreach campaigns.

Stand out from the competition in your prospect's inbox. Understand and optimize outreach conversion by tracking the engagement activities that actually matter. Eliminate guesswork and generate more pipeline.

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Cuda works with any outbound automation tool


Cuda helps you optimize your outreach with simple, powerful personalization and easy-to-understand analytics

Separate yourself by giving every lead a personalized page

Easily generate a dynamic landing page for every lead in your campaign. Give them a personalized experience that matches your messaging and brand.

Track link clicks without hurting deliverability

Privacy changes have destroyed reliable email tracking. Cuda helps you reliably track link clicks, and engagement signals that matter even more - like time-on-page, clicks, and booking drop-off.

Understand which leads are engaging, in realtime

Opens & link clicks are only part of the picture. Get a live feed of each lead’s activity and use this to optimize your follow ups and messaging.

Eliminate guesswork and optimize your entire outreach funnel

Understand where leads are dropping off, which leads are engaging with your messaging, and improve your conversion with less guessing.

3 steps to a personalized page campaign


Upload a list of your leads

Create a campaign with the same CSV you would use in your cold outbound tool.


Customize your sales page

Use our intuitive no-code editor to customize the content. Cuda will dynamically personalize pages for EVERY lead in the campaign!


Export and optimize your outreach!

Export your lead list with your new personalized pages. Send them out, and watch the engagement activities roll in.

Why personalization?

If it's not made for them, they won't care.

Personalized CTAs perform 202% better than basic CTAs.1

76% of consumers are more likely to purchase from brands that personalize.2

66% of B2B customers expect companies to personalize to their unique needs & expecations.3

Personalized emails can improve click rate by 139%.4

Personalization works.5

Sources: 1. Hubspot 2. McKinsey 3. Salesforce4. Adobe5. Common sense

The features you need to personalize, optimize, and book more meetings.

Custom domains & branding

Use your domain & your branding to give your leads a consistent experience from the moment of first outreach.

Dynamic personalization

Personalize each page with the lead’s name, company, messaging, or anything else you can imagine. At scale.

Stupid-easy page builder

No code required. Start with one of our proven template or build from scratch.

Per-campaign, realtime analytics

Discover exactly how your ICPs engage with different messaging & use this to optimize your outreach.

Create pages in bulk, or one at a time

Each lead gets a unique link. Upload a CSV to create in bulk or create new pages by added leads manually.

Stand out in Linkedin messages

People are bombarded with generic outreach. Give them something personal.

Get notified about hot leads

Sometimes leads are interested, but don’t reply. Cuda will show you how interested they are so you can follow up with confidence.

Super easy to get started

Fast, responsive, and simple to get up and running. We won’t bog you down with a complicated interface.

Over 50% of prospects who reply to your email or check out your sales materials drop off. Cuda helps you identify them, engage them, and get them back.

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Stand out from the competition with better, personalized outreach.

Book more meetings by giving every prospect a VIP experience, without the hassle of doing it manually.

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