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Instant Scheduling

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Instant Scheduling

Finding the right instant scheduling tool in 2023

The right tool should integrate with your CRM, support your lead routing criteria, and doesn't need to break the bank.

We recently did a breakdown of the top scheduling tools for B2B sales teams. We consolidate our findings into an easy to scan, feature comparison chart that you can find here.

Be Flexible

More often than not, when I share my schedule with a lead based on the other side of the world, they never end up booking a meeting with me. Initially, I tried to overcome this problem by saying "if none of the times are convenient for you, I'm happy to work off your schedule!". That strategy never worked for me.

Eventually I decided to open up a new meeting block from 8pm - 10pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Suddenly I had no trouble finding time with leads in India.

The point is that the more availability you can offer your prospective clients, the more likely they are to convert. You'd think that if you sent someone your calendar and there were no available times, but in practice they just bounce off your page and get distracted by something else.

Provide Options

This will sound counterintuitive to my previous point, that you should be flexible, but when booking a meeting you should always provide a suggested time.

By suggesting a time, you reduce the cognitive load for your prospect. All they need to do is check their calendar and see if they're free at the time you suggested! Of course, you'll want to include your full calendar in the event the suggested time doesn't work for your prospect.

One other added benefit is that this will enable you to encourage your prospect to talk sooner rather than later. Which leads me to my last point...

Sooner is Better Than Later

If I had a nickel for every time a prospect picked a time on my calendar >7 days in the future, I could retire from my job in sales! Inevitably, these prospects end up forgetting why they booked the meeting or no showing entirely. Anything can happen from the time they feel motivated to book a call to the scheduled demo.

By suggesting times, you can guide prospects to meet within the next few days. You're doing both of you a favor - they get faster resolution and you increase your close rate and shorten your sales cycle.

Even better than booking for later is meeting right away. Of course, that's where Cuda comes in. With Cuda, you can route high intent leads to video calls instantly.