The Company

Human first sales

Salespeople worry that AI will take their job, but they shouldn’t. People like to buy from people. Not chat bots.

It feels great to get on a call with someone who understands you. Someone that can help you identify the right software for your needs - but also talk about how Lebron James really is the goat.

With Cuda, we're making it easier than ever for buyers to connect with sellers. We're helping sales teams gain an edge over their chat bot laden comeptitors by putting their best asset - their people - front and center. And we're saving buyers from endless forms and wait times.

The Team

Meet the crew

Our team has a long history of building product together. We’ve worked in high-growth environments like Mainstreet and worked on projects at scale with companies like Microsoft & Facebook & Intuit.

Real faces

Sam SklarSam Sklar

Keeps us in order

Alec KhouryAlec Khoury

King nerd

Chris ZacharyChris Zachary

Makes things pop

Barry O. BarracudaBarry O. Barracuda

(imaginary fish)

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