Convert prospects from interested to Zoom in 30 seconds.

Don't let scheduling delays cost you sales. Cuda helps you connect with prospects in seconds via Instant Zoom calls so you can close deals faster.

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Integrates with your sales stack

ZoomSlackGoogle CalendarCalendlySalesforceHubspot

In the age of AI chat bots & impersonal automation, human interaction is more powerful than ever

Experienced sales people know that deals are made by building trust. And nothing builds trust today as much as talking to a real human. Cuda helps you get face-to-face interaction with buyers before your competitors can, so you can close more deals.

Why should you use Cuda?

Talk to potential customers before your competitors do

50% of sales go to the first company to talk to a prospect. Being first matters. If a prospect is waiting for a scheduled call, they are also looking for alternatives.

Engage at the moment of peak buying intent

Time kills all deals. Unless you don't let it. When a customer wants to buy, don't make them schedule a call a week later. Talk to them right now!

Face-to-face calls build a relationship of trust

And trust is how you close high-ticket sales. If a high-itent buyer walked into your store, would you want them to talk to a an automated chat bot or a faceless form?

50% of sales go to the first company to talk to a prospect. Being first matters.

How does Cuda work?

Buyers talk to you in seconds, not days


Share your link (or embed in your site)

Use the Cuda widget, trigger a popup, or link to your custom booking page.


Prospects start a call NOW (only if you’re online)

If you’re not online, the visitor is can schedule a call for later - no friction inbetweent.


Your team is notified and you join the call!

Cuda will notify you in Slack and route calls to the next available team member. Easy as that!

Capture leads

Instant video calls from your website

Let potential customers instantly start calls from your existing 'Book a Demo' form or from our customizable embedded CTA form.

One click to launch Zoom.
High intent prospects can launch a Zoom call with one click.
Capture qualification info.
Ask qualification questions to save you from irrelevant conversations.
Calendar fallback.
If no one is available, Cuda automatically prompts leads to find time on your calendar.
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Convert outbound

Improve your outreach

Give high-intent prospects the power to respond to your message with a call instead of a boring old calendar invite.

Start a call now (or later).
If you're available, let outreach targets talk to you right now or schedule a call for later.
Customizable booking page.
Direct prospects to a page that fits your brand.
Use a custom domain.
Book calls from your own domain or with our branded shortlinks.
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Team dashboard

Route & manage calls

Loop in the rest of your team, manage your availability, and easily take calls from one simple dashboard.

Get notified in Slack.
Set up a channel for inbound calls and easily manage notifications.
Manage your availability.
Easily view and update team status to control when calls happen.
Automatically add leads to your CRM.
Integrate with the CRM of your choice to keep track of the data you need.
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Your brand, your Cuda page

Customize the Cuda page colors, fonts, and brand settings to match your site’s look & feel.

Cuda Page example

Here's why you should use instant sales calls

Choose the plan that's right for your team


    Core features:

  • 10 seats included
  • 3 call queues
  • Call routing
  • Hubspot integration
  • Custom theming
  • Zapier integration
  • Email support


    All Starter features, plus:

  • 50 seats included
  • Unlimited call queues
  • Salesforce integration
  • Advanced routing
  • Cuda API
  • Advanced analytics
  • Multiple teams
  • Self-hosting
  • Dedicated customer success agent


    All tier features, plus:

  • Unlimited seats
  • Activity / audit logs
  • Reporting API
  • Data warehouse sync
  • Language localization
  • Custom feature development
  • Dedicated implementation period
  • 12 hour SLA, Slack connect workspace

Kickstart your sales cycle, immediately.

Don't wait for leads to cool down. Start engaging prospects as soon as they're interested.

Got questions?
We have answers

What if I'm too busy to take calls?

I’m worried that too many unqualified leads will come to the site and waste my time.

My product is complex and hard to sell without preparation.

Does Cuda work for teams?

What if my calendar is already full of sales calls?